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Cormant Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 as an IT services company focusing on software designed for infrastructure management, courier companies and the need for mobile workforce enablement solutions.

In the field of infrastructure management, the Cormant team was involved in the development of CableSolve, an application designed to provide a complete IT infrastructure management solution in the data center and beyond. Owned and marketed by Cormant, Inc. of the US (www.cormant.com).

CableSolve provides a holistic approach to the documentation and management of the entire IT infrastructure, including assets, power, connectivity, space and work-flow.

CableSolve is the most trusted, configurable, flexible and portable DCIM solution available, providing complete visibility into the physical layer, including all assets and connectivity, along with data gathered directly from devices.

Cormant has also specialized in the development of software solutions for courier companies and other organizations where mobile workforce enablement solutions are required. Over the years, Cormant has developed a deep understanding of the many issues faced by such organizations and developed solutions to address those challenges.

Cormant’s shareholders and directors are from the UK, Australia and the Philippines, providing an experienced and international profile in the organization, while recognizing and rewarding the skills and talent within the Philippines.

Our solutions have included enterprise level/mission critical applications, including backend, web and smart phone modules. Applications developed by Cormant are used around the world by Tier 1 global companies demanding world standards in design, development, deployment and support.

Full Cycle Services

Cormant offers a full cycle of application development from concept to deployment and support.


The full cycle can be managed using Agile development techniques or a more traditional waterfall approach. It can start with just a feasibility study or the creation of a system requirements statement. We have worked with clients using many different approaches and the overriding key to success has been our flexibility and desire to find a way to achieve our client’s objectives.

Full Cycle Services


Cormant is committed to delivering high quality, global software solutions in our specialist areas in an efficient manner.


Because the services we provide must be intertwined with our mission and core values, we listen to our clients, employees and other partners to make technology work for all stakeholders.



Cormant will remain a global software and internet company. Our vision, which relates to the relationship with our primary stakeholders, is as follows:


  • Employees: Provide a stimulating and enjoyable place to work with an opportunity to enrich and develop the careers of all the team members.
  • Business Partners: Foster and enhance the success of our partnerships, by achieving the highest standards of execution with the greatest efficiency.
  • Shareholders: Satisfy the shareholders’ aspirations for their employees and business partners in a fair and transparent manner.


  • Integrity: We are guided by a sense of honor when dealing with all stakeholders from within and outside our organization. We believe in self-discipline and accountability, and conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times.We respect the confidentiality of information shared by others and our commitment to protect truth and fairness is manifest in all our policies.


  • Respect /Sense of Team: We foster an environment wherein fellow team members, customers, partners and shareholders are valued and treated with respect, sensitivity and fairness. We cultivate harmonious and productive relationships with people at all levels within and outside the organization. We encourage inclusiveness whilst recognizing the importance of diversity and the unique value of each individual.


  • Stewardship: We are accountable to ensure responsible use and management of the resources and information entrusted to us. We take ownership of our obligation to build a strong and enduring organization and to meet our commitments to our company, clients and people. We care about the impact of our actions- from our day-to-day operations to our long term strategy- not only on the company but also on the global community.


  • Best People: We recognize that people are our greatest asset and are central to our success. We strive to attract the best talent and invest in them to ensure they remain the best. We seek to challenge team members to achieve their full potential while cultivating a collaborative and supportive team environment.
  • Client Value: We continually strive to fulfill the needs and create value for our internal and external clients. We provide services that anticipate our clients’ requirements, are relevant to their needs and exceed their expectations. We are dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective services that delight our customers. Our solutions produce measurable results that fuel our clients’ growth and enable them to perform at their best.


  • Quality & Excellence: We set the highest standards for excellence and make every effort to go beyond what is expected. We are enthusiastic about continual learning and improvement of knowledge, skills and values, evident in our timely and quality output and wide range of expertise. We get things done, solve problems and use feedback constructively in our pursuit of excellence.


  • Innovation: We approach our work with imagination and creativity. Our challenge always remains to not only stay abreast with but also lead innovations in the domains in which we operate. We seek opportunities to stay ahead of the curve and develop better ways of doing things. We embrace change and transform obstacles into opportunities by approaching every challenge from a fresh angle.

Legal / Policies

Cormant Technologies, Inc. has the highest standards for ethics, fairness, and personal responsibility and is committed to conducting all of its business activities with integrity and excellence. We are honest and straightforward with the aim of ensuring the trust of our shareholders, customers, employees and business partners.


If you have any questions regarding legal matters and policies at Cormant, you may contact us at Legal@CormantTech.com